Six reasons why so many traffic control professionals today are choosing TraffiCalm.

  1. History

    Ever since they were first developed by 3M around 2001, radar speed signs have become an essential tool for making roadways safer by calming traffic in dangerous areas. As the primary supplier of the working parts for the 3M radar signs, Trafficalm was right there from the beginning. Using the same radar speed technology that police officers have been using for years to monitor vehicle speeds, Trafficalm’s radar equipped signs display vehicle speeds with large bright LED numbers as the vehicles approach. Sometimes called driver feedback signs, “Your Speed” signs, speed indicator signs, speed feedback signs, dynamic speed displays, or speed display signs, radar speed signs use speed awareness to slow traffic, ultimately making roadways safer. Our long experience with regulatory agencies has allowed us to make all of our signs fully MUTCD compliant, and many of them also UL/ULC listed.

  2. Innovation

    ZA-buttonawardTrafficalm is recognized for providing innovative traffic control devices for the traffic calming industry. In fact, our new ZoneAlert™ Work Zone Warning System recently received second place for Innovation at the 2015 ATSSA Traffic Expo. The modular design of our radar display signs make them simple to install and easy to maintain. All of our smart signs include configuration and traffic data software which allows the radar speed sign to not only supply speed feedback to the drivers, but also traffic data to the sign owner. Seeing a need within the law enforcement industry, Trafficalm has developed a line of “trunk sized” portable radar speed signs which can allow officers to temporarily deploy radar speed indicator signs in situations where traffic speeds need to be reduced, but a permanent radar sign is not necessary.

  3. Versatility

    With over 14 driver feedback sign models to choose from, Trafficalm boasts the broadest range of sizes and options in the traffic calming device industry. Trafficalm can literally provide radar speed signs for any speed of road, whether urban or rural. See our full selection of radar speed signs here.

  4. World Class Manufacturing

    No other radar speed sign manufacturer can boast of a ISO:9001 Certified facility, 100% MUTCD compliant product line, and broad range of UL/ULC listed products. Our years of experience with radar speed sign technology and commitment to manufacturing excellence has uniquely prepared us to provide the best designed and best built speed monitoring signs in the industry.

  5. Customer Service

    With industry leading turnaround from order to delivery, Trafficalm appreciates the many challenges faced by our clients, and seeks to be supportive and professional in every way. In keeping with this goal, we offer free unlimited tech support and customer service from our USA facility. We want you to know that expert answers to your traffic calming equipment questions are an near as a phone call, email or text message.

  6. Price

    Trafficalm has developed a line of fully equipped, solar powered radar speed signs that are the best value in the industry. These economical “plug and play” radar signs provide the essential function of alerting drivers of their speed without the additional cost of the more advanced features of our smart signs.

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